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At Faraway we honor Mother Earth 🌹 All of our materials are sustainably sourced 🌹 Eco packaging made from eco-friendly materials 🌹 Fast International Shipping


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Harvest Series Continues

We’re welcoming the spring season with the POMEGRANATE, the symbol of oneness, fertility & abundance. ROSES, the the closest thing to love in tangible form and SUNFLOWERS which are always trying to find the light. 

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The Rose Collection ' 320 MHz '

Of all the plants and trees and of all the tangible things on earth that are alive, roses have the highest frequency. Roses are sacred and the closest thing to love in tangible form. A rose's vibration is measured at 320 MHz which is the highest frequency of things we can actually see. 

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Handwoven by Anatolian Artisans


Kutnu is a vegan silk fabric woven on handlooms by local artisans in Gaziantep. Kutnu dates back to the 16th century when they used to call it the cloth of sultans! Many Ottoman-era kaftans worn by sultans were made using the fabric and people all over Anatolia would aspire to own a kaftan made from kutnu. And now it’s the reign of goddesses!


At Faraway we honor Mother Earth. We love nature, the untouched wild, the outdoors. All of our materials are sustainably sourced as we use organic, deadstock, upcycled, recycled and other certified fabric and yarn. 

We also use fabrics handwoven by Anatolian artisans. Nothing makes us happier than to support our own rich cultural heritage.

Everything is locally produced in Turkey in small quantities either in house or at small factories. We’ve now started working with a small production facility that first trains and then employs only female workers in an effort to bring more women into the workforce.

Last but not least, our packaging is also eco-friendly. Our mailers are compostable; our garment bags are recycled and our canvas shopping bags are reusable.

Because we love our PACHAMAMA ♡


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